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Watched “Ahjussi” yesterday!

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After seeing some trailers from movie info TV shows, I’ve been waiting for this movie, “Ahjussi” (아저씨)

1st reason I was kinda inticipating the movie was the director LEE JungBeom, who directed a very gloomy mood movie “열혈남아” (Cruel Winter Blues, 2006)

2nd reason was the main actor : Won Bin

The movie info TV show introduced this movie’s back story that the main character was set, at first, 40s or 50s ahjussi.

However, Won Bin got attracted to the character and at the end got the director convinced to use him as the main charac..

(Now after watching the movie, I question myself (just for fun..^^)

 “What if.. What if the main character were much aged?

what if.. the main character were  real ahjussi (belly, extremely normal outfit… etc..)?”

 NO WAY!!!  No kidding… hahaha

As Won Bin says in the movie, he’s a next door ahjussi, however, can the ahjussi really exist??? haha…

(Some of movie reviewers also commented it…^^)

The most “wow” scene to women in the theater… haha…

As a friend of mine and I discussed during watching, he’s also too handsome to shadow some one.

(Can’t be mixed with people naturally.. haha.. Can’t be hidden in that.. too outstanding look)


Over all, the movie was good… besides some cruel scenes…! (So it’s R rate ^^;)

(Sort of simply plot, story line/ some of ‘cool’ action scenes, cool Won Bin ahjussi ^^/ unexpectedly some humorous scenes)

When we got out from the theater, I told my friend that ..

“~Won Bin’s acting skills really got improved.. (cause I still remember his very first acting on TV… hahaha.. it was.. really…^^;;;)

He’s now a real actor! ^_^~”

ps: My friend and I really loved his suit fit…! ^_^hhh


  1. Now Ahjussi is box office no.1 in Korea, even above than Inception !!!

    Comment by skyccm — 2010/08/13 @ 1:30 pm

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