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Watch this! “Hot, hot, hot, hot!!!”

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Hot Brothers

<Hot Brothers>

(a segment of Sunday Night (MBC))

5 episodes aired so far.

Members: 탁재훈, 노유민, 한상진, 박명수, 이기광, 싸이먼디, 박휘순, 김구라 (from left to right)

TAK JaeHoon, NOH YuMeen, HAN SangJeen, PARK MyoungSoo, LEE KiGwang, Simon D (of Supreme Team), PARK HwiSoon, KIM GuRa

(reference their original occupations from my previous posts)

Because of viewers’ constant love for Happy Sunday

(1N2D is part of// constantly highest ratings among the same time Sunday Night shows),

Sunday Night (MBC)’s rating still around 6 %, it seems making fuzz on Internet forums.

Though because the national ratings doubtlessly depend on older generations

(especially for Weekend shows), it does not appear outside (through ratings),

people started discussing/talking more about Hot Brothers.

The people who at least once watched the show say that the show was hilarious.

Tak, Park, and Kim are like 2nd level MCs

(Tak has received the Grand Prize of the year from KBS Ent. Dep.).

(In Korea only Kang HoDong & Yoo JaeSeok are treated as the 1st level MCs,

which called the nickname,  ‘the national MC’)

And the other five are almost new at the variety show field.

(For Han, Lee, Simon D, Hot Brothers is the 1st variety show ever on.)

After they began with crossing-Han River challenge, to show their volitions,

they tried a new format so called, “Avatar Blind-date” (Avatar Soge-ting in Korean)

,which an each avatar follows his owner’s orders during the blind-dating.

Because of each members’ different taste of humor style or communication style with women,

situations turned hilarious.

After two tries of Avatar Blind-date,

they also tried Situation Roll Playing, as they said it was to see each other’s personalities through extreme situations.

The big hit of the epi. was Simon D’s ‘diet ad lib’. ↓haha…. Can’t tell… You should watch it!

This week, they tried Women’s Heart Award.

It was how well the members know about Women’s feelings and communicate.

They again did the situation roll playing.

Anyway, this week’s big hit was KiGwang’s American Dance. ↓ hahaha…

(while Tak singing his ballad song, KiGwang danced…the American Dance… hahaha…)

As some review posts talked about, I also think

the staffs try to give every member the same chance as they as possible.,

(usually on the other variety shows, strong/unique characters only get to talk and survives)

so that they could use the characters for the future any projects/formats.

A define format of the show hasn’t been decided yet.

However, I personally want the show gets hit and survives,

because it’s really hilarious and I love MBC and Park MyoungSoo! haha!

Today a bad news has come. MC Yoo will join SBS’ new sunday show format, (followed by Family Outing 2).

It’ll be rating-battling either with Hot Brothers or with 1N2D. T.T oh, poor my MC Yoo~~~ (or could be poor MyoungSoo)

*every pictures’ copyrights to MBC


K-Variety Shows of Weekends

2010.05.29 Revised_____________________________________________
5~8PM prime time variety shows for the weekend
(from 3 Major Broadcastings only
/ click to preference the brief explanation about Korean broadcastigns )
” * ” marked – the best ratings among the same time others!
————’the same time public-good characteristic shows’ omitted—————


<<app. 5PM>>—

[MBC] * We Got Married S.2 (우리결혼했어요 aka., 우.결; WGM)

– “Adam (mean, Tiny) Couple” <Jo Kwon (of 2AM, singer) & GaEen (of Brown Eyed Girls, singer) //
“YongSeo Couple” <Jeong YongHwa (of C.N. Blue, singer) & SeoHyeon (of SNSD, singer)
ㄴborrowed letters from each’s name; but the mix ‘yongseo’ means ‘forgiveness’ in Korean. ^_^ a wordplaying~!
– Studio Commenters: Park MeeSeon (Comedian), Kim JeongMeen (Singer, Actor), Kim NaYoung (Entertainer), SeulOang & JeenWoon (of 2AM, singer)

[KBS2] Star Golden Bell S.2 (스타골든벨)
– Main MC: Jee SeokJeen (Comedian)
– two weeks ago, changed to season 2, but the new season format sucks on my opinion -_-;

[SBS] Like Father Like Son (붕어빵; BungUhBbang; Fish-shaped Bread)

– Main MCs: Lee KyoungKyu (Comedian), Kim GookJeen (Comedian)
– Talk show with celebraties’ children/ talk about family matters

<<app. 6PM>>—

[MBC] * MuhanDojeon (S.3; aka., Infinite Challenge; Infinity Challenge (무한도전))
<2005.04.23~ > will air 200th episode this coming weekend /
if added with the previous epis that were segment of Saturday show, it will be 253 epis total.

– Members: Yoo JaeSuk (comedian), Park MyoungSoo (comedian), Jeong JunHa (comedian), Noh HongCheol (entertainer), Jeong HyoungDon (comedian), Gil (real name, Gil SeongJun) (of LeeSsang, hiphop singer), HaHa (real name, Hah DongHoon) (singer)
– The first real variety format that also survives for over 5 years; so called as The Legend of Real Variety Show, or The Pioneer of Real Variety Shows
– In every episode they challenge on every different subject. (Each subject can become 2 or more episodes)
click for the further information about Muhandojeon

[KBS2] Cheonhamujeok Saturday; Cheonhamujeok (Matcheless) Baseball Team (천하무적 토요일(야구단))
<2009.04.25~ >

((Some current members are not in the pic. The above is start members.))
– A Celebraty-amatuer-baseball team growing story
– Members: Lee HaNeul (of DJ DOC, rapper), Lee HyeonBae (of 45RPM, rapper; HaNeul’s younger bro.), Kim ChangRyeol (of DJ DOC, singer), Oh JiHo (actor), Kim SeongSoo (actor), Jo Bin (of Norazo, singer), Han MeenGwan (comedian), Mario (singer), Kim Joon (of TMax, rapper; actor “Boys over Flowers”), DongHo (of U-Kiss, singer), Tak JaeHoon (actor), Kim HyeonCheol (comedian), Eem HyeongJun (actor), Kim DongHee (actor)
– Captain(Support): Baek JiYoung (singer); Couch: Lee GyoungPil (former professional baseball player)
[SBS] Star-King (스타킹) <2007.01.13~ >

– Main MC: Kang HoDong
– Korean’s Got Talent? (However, it doesn’t limit to only Koreans for applicants; there have been foreigners appeared, also)
– There used to be the grand prize giving each week; however, it disappeared.



[MBC] * SaeBaQuee (aka., World-Changable Quiz (세바퀴)
<2008.05.25~ as a seg. of “Sunday Night”/ become independent and move to Saturday night time from 2009.04.04~ >

No.1 Rating TV show among all Saturday variety shows
– Main MCs: Park MeeSeon, Lee HweJae, Kim GuRa (all comedians)
– quiz & talent shows with the subject of this and that
– Because it fits to all generations, for some months it’s the top rating of Saturday shows.



app. 5PM~ before 8PM (each starts at a bit different time)

[KBS2] * Happy Sunday (해피선데이) <2007.11.07~ >

ㄴ+ 남자의 자격 (The Man’s Qualification – 101 Must-dos Before Die)
– Members: Lee KyoungKyu (comedian), Kim TaeWon (of Revival, guitarist), Kim GookJeen (comedian), Lee YunSeok (comedian), Kim SeongMeen (actor), Lee JeongJeen (actor), Yun HyoungBin (comedian)
– Middle-age ver. Infinite Challenge, cause they challenge different theme

ㄴ+ 1박2일 (2Days 1Night, aka., 1Night 2Days)
– Members: Kang HoDong (comedian), Kim C (of Hot Potato, singer; *Will be out in 2 weeks), Lee SuGeun (comedian), Eun JiWon (rapper, former leader of 90’s popular idol “Sechs Kies”), MC Mong (rapper), Lee SeungKi (singer), Kim JongMin (of Koyote, singer; not in the pic above)
[SBS] (I) Love Sunday (aka., Good Sunday) (일요일이 좋다) <2004.03.28~ >
___from with the segment “X-Man” to the current

ㄴ골드미스가 간다 (Gold Misses Coming)
– Members: Yang JeongAh (actress), Park SoHyeon (actress), Song EunEeh (comedian), HyeonYoung (entertainer), Seo YuJeong (actress), Lee EenHyae (actress), Shin BongSeon (comedian)

ㄴ패밀리가 떴다 S.2 (The Family’s Showed Up, aka., Family Outing S2)
– Members: Kim WonHee (actress), Jee SangRyeol (comedian), Yun SangHyeon (actor), Shin BongSeon (comedian), TaekYeon (of 2PM, singer), Jo Kwon (of 2AM, singer), YunAh (of SNSD, singer), Kim HeeCheol (of Super Junior, singer), Jang DongMin (comedian)
[MBC] S.N. (aka., Sunday Sunday Night; Sunday Night, 일밤 (일요일, 일요일 밤에))
ㄴ___the longest history Sunday night show under the same title <1988.11.27~ >

ㄴ뜨거운 형제들 (Hot Brothers) – just started, 2 epis aired so far
– Members: Tak JaeHoon (actor, former member of Country KoKo), Kim GuRa (comedian), Park MyoungSoo (comedian), Noh YouMeen (of NRG, singer), Park HweSoon (comedian), Han SangJeen (actor), Simon D (of Supreme Team, rapper), Lee GiGwang (of Beast, singer)

ㄴ단비 (Danbi; Much-needed Rain) – charity variety
– MCs: Kim YongMahn (comedian), Kim HyeonCheol (comedian), Jeong HyoungDon (comedian), Ahn YoungMee (comedian), Yun DooJun (of Beast, singer)

___each photo’s copyright belongs to each show’s broadcasting company


K-Variety Shows of Weekdays

2010.05.28 Revised_____________________________________________
11PM prime time variety shows for weekdays
(from 3 Major Broadcastings only
/ click to preference the brief explanation about Korean broadcastigns )
” * ” marked – the best ratings among the same time others!
————‘the same time public-good characteristic shows’ omitted—————


* +Come To Hang Around [MBC] (aka., Come To Play; Nolleowa (놀러와))
<2004.05.08~ > For 7 years the same two main MCs, Yoo & Kim (never replaced)
Nolleowa seg.1
– Main MCs: Yoo JaeSuk (Comedian), Kim WonHee (Actress)
– (Current) Stuck assistant MCs: Kim NaYoung (Entertainer)/ Lee HaNeul (Rapper), Gil (Singer-HipHop)
– Moved from Friday Night time to the current Monday Night time.
– While the other broadcastings’ changed/ modified to beat CTHA,
CTHA only survived/remained by adjusting formats to fit viewers’ taste, the times’s needs,
and to keep the talk show’s fun.


|There's been rating competition between the two, once SSJG won;
 however, mostly KSJ has won and Kang SimJang is currently the winner of the rating battle.

* +Kang SimJang [SBS] (aka., Kang Heart; Strong Heart (강심장))

– Main MCs: Kang HoDong (Comedian), Lee SeungKi (Singer)
– 3rd massive-guest-show followed by Star Golden Bell [KBS2], SaeBaQuee [MBC]
– To reveal the greatest story of the week, that strongly knock your heart ^^;
– Since SeungKi’s main MC career is the first on this show, there’ve been some worries;
however, he’s doing good unlike the worries. ^^;

+SeungSeungJangGu [KBS2] (aka., Unlimited Victory (승승장구)
– Main MC: Kim SeungWoo (Actor)
– Stuck Assistant MCs: Kim ShinYoung (Comedian), TaeYeon (of Girls Generation, Singer),
YooYoung (of 2PM, Singer), Choi HwaJeong (Entertainer)
– Kinda classic one-big star-guest talk show format
– At the end there’s a segment that shows the clip of the week’s guest has met people
at a place and completed mission that had promised before between the star and fans
on the Internet web site,


* +Golden Fishery [MBC] (황금어장) <2006.07.07~ >
clikc for The previous post about Golden Fishery


* +Happy Together [KBS2] (해피투게더 S3) <2001.11.08~ >

– Main MC: Yoo JaeSuk
– Stuck Assistant MCs: Park MyoungSoo, Park MeeSeon, Shin BongSeon
(All MCs are comedians)
click for more about Happy Together history on wikipedia
– In the setting of public bath place it always gives the show’s unique comfortable atmosphere.
Because of that, it has its unique characteristic talk show.


* +The Youth Never Lose [KBS2] (aka., CheongChunBulPae (청춘불패))

– MCs (doesn’t have the main MC concept) : Noh JuHyeon (Actor), Kim ShinYoung (Comedian),
Kim TaeWoo (Singer, former member of 90’s popular idol boy group ‘god’)
– Members (G7 : Girl-Group-Idol 7) : Sunny (of SNSD), Yuri (SNSD), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls),
Gu HaRa (Kara), Hyomin (Tiara), SeonHwa (Secret), HyunAh (4Minute)
– moto: self-sufficiency in the country town, YuChi ri in KangWon Prov.
– When it started airing, the critics were negative, that it could be another poor imitator of good real variety shows
that have been shooting in the country side. However, it’s kinda settled because of its unique long-term project characteristic
which reflects their moto for farmings/ plantations in the country.
– There’ve been another worries because there have been new articles that
Sunny, Yuri, and HyunAh would be out of the show because of their upcoming overseas schedules.
– Victoria (f(x)) will be the member as a replaced member, news articles recently revealed.

___each photo's copyright belongs to each show's broadcasting company 
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